The Source of Abundant Peace

Before each new year begins I ask the Lord to give me a reading plan for the year. For 2020 that has been the Psalms. I have slowly read through these chapters and savored His beautiful words.

I’ve engaged with Him in a completely different way than ever before because of the example I’ve seen in David and the other Psalmists. My heart has been freed to truly process my emotions with Him. It’s been so, so good! And it has drawn me into a deeper relationship with the lover of my soul.

And God certainly knew at the end of 2019 when He whispered “the Psalms”, that I would need His words desperately through 2020.

A recurring theme for me has been PEACE. Last week when I came to Psalm 119:165, the verse leaped out at me! (Of course, it has the word “abundant” in it so that always grabs my attention.)

2020 has brought with it so many “freak-out” moments for me. Those moments when the “what-ifs” come crashing down on me, when the reality of what’s happening in our world screams louder than God’s truth, when I’m just sick and tired of all of it, when I’m overwhelmed by the negativity and heartbroken for the hurting and lost.

BUT GOD! Being in the Psalms all year long has kept me anchored to the truth and the freak-out moments are short because I’ve been saturating myself in the truth of the Word. I’ve allowed myself to process with God and pour out my heart to Him – even in the ugliest moments – and He has been faithful to hear me and lovingly guide me, always, always bringing me back to a place of peace.

That same peace is available for you. A peace that comes supernaturally as you fall more and more in love with the Word and the One who IS the Word.

He promises abundant peace – exceedingly great peace – to those who love the Word and that NOTHING – NOTHING!!! – will trip you up. You won’t fall into the enemy’s trap of doubt, despair, and discouragement.

Can I challenge you? If you want to fall more in love with the Word, read Psalm 119. Take as many days as you need to let it saturate your anxious soul. Let it permeate the deepest, darkest places of your heart. You’ll be changed. I guarantee it.
– – – – – – – –
Abundant peace belongs to those love Your instruction;
nothing makes them stumble.
Psalm 119:165